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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review [2021]
Is It Really The Best Affiliate Training Available?

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For most of us, affiliate marketing is all about generating revenue- the ability to make tons of profit while sleeping. A quick Google search will have you believing the same thing. However, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing, but one has to learn the basics and the trends of it before paving their way.

According to an online survey, more than 81% of online brands rely on affiliate marketers like you and me- making affiliate marketing a very appropriate yet inexpensive marketing solution for every e-commerce store.

When talking from an affiliate’s point of view, it is a simple act of advertising or promoting products and services on the internet, through a website or a blog, via tracking links to redirect the potential buyers to the advertiser’s business website.

Unlike starting your own line of products, affiliate marketing generates profits more quickly. However, you can’t turn into an affiliate marketer overnight. To work for a brand or a service company, you would have to sign up for an affiliate program. However, you will have to register in a credible affiliate marketing training course and start the process from your end.

By registering in a legitimate course, you can learn the basics, learn to promote an evergreen product and earn a commission on almost every sale. Having said that, you need a credible yet professional platform to start your affiliate journey.

And that’s why we are here; for an honest review about Wealthy Affiliate. After giving my review a thorough read, you will know everything you need to know about the platform, everything that’s mentioned on their website and so on.

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Without any further ado, let’s move on to the review so you can know every single detail before you consider taking that next step.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a well-known training platform offering training courses on affiliate marketing. While it was founded in 2005, it has grown since its establishment and has even managed to build a community of 1.4 million members, comprising of many well-reputed affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs.

It is the most wide-spread, responsive, and helpful affiliate community that distinguishes this platform from other platforms offering courses on affiliate marketing. In addition to their education and training, Wealthy Affiliate also offers robust affiliate tools for domain registration, website building, market research, and much more, all to set up your online business in a very short time. We will discuss all its features and functionalities in the review but first, let’s take some time out to get to know about the CEO of Wealthy affiliate.

Kyle- CEO Of Wealthy Affiliate And Brief History

Kyle Loudon, the CEO of Wealthy Affiliate is known for his love for digital marketing, business ethics, and traveling. His excellence in digital marketing propelled him to launch Wealthy Affiliate.

The founder has a keen interest and years of working experience in internet marketing, microblogging, and other aspects of online money-making strategies. The initial idea of Carson Lim and Kyle led them to create a keyword membership platform. But later on, they turned this into what is known today as Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle, along with his business partner created Wealthy Affiliate for all the beginners who need a warm welcome in this industry. Kyle is an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and goes out of his way to teach new members all about affiliate marketing.

Today, you will find many internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers on the platform as community members from more than 193 countries.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Main Features

Although it is this wide-spread community that differs this platform from other training platforms, Wealthy Affiliate’s distinguishing features are worth checking out as a beginner. The affiliate marketing community you will find on this platform is active and always ready for problem-solving. For instance, you can post any query regarding affiliate marketing and you will end up receiving hundreds of responses within seconds from experienced marketers and entrepreneurs.

If you want direct help from the Wealthy Affiliate staff, use the live chat feature (which we will discuss in detail later on) to interact with a customer representative. Furthermore, the paid version (yes, there’s a free version as well) allows you to leave a direct message to the peers. Not to mention, both the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are also active to solve as many queries as they can.

The added features for domain registration, hosting, and website building makes the backbone of the platform even stronger. With the paid version, you can access Wealthy Affiliate’s marketing courses and market research tools if your goal is to set up your very own business.

Altogether, it makes this platform an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution to jumpstart your journey.

It is now time for us to go deeper and decipher all the features that we have been bragging about above.

Affiliate Education

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Unlike any other affiliate marketing training platform, Wealthy Affiliate offers two categories of courses, namely Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification. While the first training course teaches you to make tons of profits by promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself, the second course focuses on making your internet entrepreneurship or affiliate marketing journey a smoother one.

Of course, both of the training courses are divided into sub-levels. Every level of both the courses deals with a specific aspect of promoting, initiating or setting up an online business, primarily through a keen focus on affiliate marketing.

The Online Entrepreneurship Certification Program

Wealthy Affiliate’s online entrepreneurship program comprises 5 main levels in total. Each level consists of 10 lessons- making a total of 50 lessons. The lessons are not confined to study materials only. They include tutorials and videos to make the learning phase fun and interactive for every student. Some of the main topics covered in the certification program are:

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing
(Level 1)

The initial level that helps you deal with the basics. The 10 lessons included in this level will help you complete your business profile, identify your niche, navigate through the Wealthy Affiliate community, and even build your website. Moreover, you will also learn a few working tips to make your website optimized and Google Search-Engine friendly.

How To Build And Produce Traffic On Your Website (Level 2)

Let’s say you have built your website at level 1. Level 2 lessons will help you learn everything about increasing organic traffic on your website using search engine optimization, also known as SEO. To produce organic traffic, one needs to identify the right long-tailed keywords. You will learn useful tips to find and use the right keywords, accurate to your niche, and relevant to your products.

Tips To Make Money
(Level 3)

Alas, at the level where most of the beginners want to jump to! Level 3 teaches the student to implement Wealthy Affiliate money-making tips to successfully monetize organic traffic. Here, you will have an in-depth view of affiliate marketing and affiliate links. Nevertheless, there are other nuances that you must learn to make tons of profit. You will learn all the monetizing tips at this level.

Learning About Social Engagement (Level 4)

Social media plays an integral part in driving organic traffic and monetizing your website. Level 4 lessons are all about understanding the importance of social media engagement in affiliate marketing. All the videos, tutorials, and study materials discuss how you can take advantage of social media platforms and social promotion campaigns to drive organic traffic to your website.

Creating Content To Maximize Profits (Level 5)

At level 5, in the last 10 lessons of the course, you will learn different techniques of content creation. You will have access to tutorials on how to make your content engaging, compelling, visually appealing and Search engine optimized. As content creation somehow relates to search engine optimization and heavy traffic, you will see a lot of similarities between Level 2 and Level 5. However, content is the main focus in level 5.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Program

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site Image

Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp aims to prepare you with adequate yet professional affiliate training so you can make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The Bootcamp program is specifically aimed to turn you into an affiliate marketer for the platform.

It comprises of 7 levels, consisting of 10 lessons each. One peculiar thing to notice is that a lot of topics that are covered in the Online entrepreneurship certification program overlap with the lessons of this course. However, you will have an in-depth view of pay-per-click advertising or PPC marketing.

Starting Your Business (Level 1)

Like the Online Entrepreneurship certification program, you will use techniques to build your website, design it, identify your niche, and set up your business.

Using Keywords And Content To Convert Traffic Into Sales (Level 2)

Level 2 deals with all the tricks, techniques, and ways to identify, find, and stuff the right keywords while creating content that’s compelling and visually-appealing. You will get to know the right keywords to promote Wealthy Affiliate. If you are thinking to promote a brand other than Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t be able to source the relevant keywords then and there. For that, you will have to use another tool or check out the market research feature.

Adding Social Value
(Level 3)

Converting traffic into sales is pointless if you are not getting the right audience. Believe it or not, the right audience is there, on social media platforms and Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons in Level 3 teaches you to reach the right audience and add social value to your website. Not only will you be able to increase social media engagement but the conversion rate as well.

Working On Aesthetics And Visuals (Level 4)

The main focus on Level 4 is to teach you various techniques so you can make your Wealthy Affiliate sales and reviews perfect and visually-attractive. You have the option to learn about creating text-based graphics as well. Unless you have a natural dislike for visuals, you will have a great time taking these lessons.

Learning About Getting Referrals And Targeting The Right Audience
(Level 5)

It all comes back to content creation in level 5. Getting more referrals and gathering information about your audience has everything to do with content creation. The lessons at this level will help you create engaging and visually-appealing content. YouTube is one of the biggest social search engines. So, you will also get the chance to use it as a vital source to drive organic traffic to your affiliate website.

Running Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Level 6)

Most pay-per-click campaigns are run on Yahoo and Bing. In level 6, you will learn to utilize Bing’s webmaster tools so you can run successful yet effective PPC campaigns. Webpage indexing is an essential task. So, there are 2 to 3 whole lessons on how to index your webpage on Yahoo as well as Bing. There’s much to learn as Level 6 gives a detailed overview of pay-per-click campaigns and their importance.

Scaling Successful PPC Campaigns (Level 7)

Running PPC campaigns is easy, however, you need ways to scale and measure each campaign’s outcome. The final lessons will teach you techniques to maximize the output of pay-per-click campaigns and advertisements.

Wealthy Affiliate does not limit affiliate marketing education to courses. Live webinars and conference meetings are conducted every week by successful and experienced Wealthy Affiliate community members.

Live webinars under the presence of senior members are a great way to interact get your problems resolved by affiliate experts from around the world. However, you won’t get to attend any webinar on the free version. You will have to switch to a paid version for an expert’s help.

What’s Good About Wealthy Affiliate Education Courses?

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site Image

The training courses and lessons offered proves to be a good starting point for many beginners when it comes to setting up an online affiliate marketing business. The user interface is friendly and rather simple to use.

When it comes to other affiliate education platforms, you have to spend hours searching for relevant information, jargon, and difficult terms and definitions. However, Wealthy Affiliate presents you with all the information you need to know, as a beginner, in one place.

Both of the training courses we have discussed above are available for free as well as paid members. After having to know this, people lose interest in switching to the paid version but it’s good for someone who wants to know what the platform has to offer. The lessons give you a glimpse of whether Wealthy Affiliate is the right solution for you or not.

What’s Bad About Wealthy Affiliate Education Courses?

Although, you get to attend 50 lessons in both the courses, the training fails to educate affiliate beginners on advanced digital marketing. For example, the courses do not talk about backlinks, link building, and off-page search engine optimization.

Google judges your website by weighing inbound link profiles but the founders have not focused on link building at all. In addition to that, the founders have not updated the course content as such, even after constant complaints from the paid members. Thus, you do not get to know about advanced digital marketing trends and tricks through Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses.

The Bootcamp training program mainly focuses on PPC campaigns and highlights its techniques and benefits. Although PPC campaigns are effective and help you drive a lot of traffic to your website, they require you to empty your pocket. If you are not able to optimize and monetize campaigns, you will exhaust your financial-self without any significant outcome in return. Also, the training lessons do not teach a word about email marketing, which is an important aspect when targeting the audience.

Other than that, Wealthy Affiliate has put a lot of emphasis on becoming an affiliate marketer for them. While it’s a great opportunity, it can be harmful to new ones in the industry. As a beginner, one needs to focus on identifying the right niche. It is best to select a niche that resonates with your professional personality and has a wide base of audience. Becoming an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate will have you miss out on many opportunities at the beginning of your career.

Hosting And Website-Building Solution

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one solution for affiliate marketers that offers hosting and website-builder tools as well. The hosting tool and the website-builder tool, known as SiteRubix is integrated with one of the largest website-building platforms, WordPress.

The tool offers you a wide range of options to build visually-appealing websites, even if you are not a tech-savvy person. With SiteRubix access, you can avoid all the hassle of programming, coding, and get straight on the building part. It lets you work on templates and offers you more than 3000 of them. Get your website ready within minutes using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix feature.

If you are not fluent in web coding and programming, this is the tool made just for you. Apart from that, you will find domain registration and hosting services right around the corner. You can either buy a domain name or use a free one, suggested by Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have already bought a domain name, don’t worry, you can migrate it easily to the platform as the effective website management features allow your website’s data to be secured, backed up, and unbreachable.

The hosting solution for SiteRubix is the cherry on top. If you have a website, you must know how much hosting costs per year. WordPress integration provides a high-speed and secure hosting solution to all the users. Moreover, you will also get a must-have SSL certification.

Wealthy Affiliate is aware of hackers and the threats posed to websites. It has one of the best security defenses against hacking attacks. Every year, it manages to defeat approximately 27,195,900 hacking attempts. Other than that, it offers daily backups of snapshots and full redundancy. In case of suspicion, the security gets at the bottom of it. With this platform, the average uptime of your website will be 99.99%.

What’s Good About Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Builder And Hosting Solution?

The non-complex website building and hosting solution at one place is second to none and immensely helpful. You can update your website, make design changes, and even manage domain settings under one roof. Regardless of how many websites you wish to build, you don’t have to find a reliable hosting solution and register a domain again and again.

What’s Bad About Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Builder And Hosting Solution?

If you are a tech-savvy person, having full-knowledge of coding and programming complexities, the user-interface and limited functionalities of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix will upset you. Although there are 3000 templates to choose from, you are restricted to build a custom website and add customized elements using this tool. If you are a good programmer, there’s no use for this tool, whatsoever.

You can also face a lock-in situation in case you decide to leave Wealthy Affiliate. The hosting, domain, and website design is managed and run by Wealthy Affiliate. You can’t migrate your website to another platform. As a consequence, you will have to build a new website from scratch, which can turn into a hassle. Imagine losing tons of organic traffic, content, customers, and graphics all because you decided to quit a platform?

Market Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site Image

Market research plays an integral role before stepping into the game. It can create a win-win situation and is crucial when setting up an affiliate marketing business. You have to find a profitable niche, identify the right keywords, target the audience, and so on. One has to keep an eye on the competitors and current market trends to excel and make tons of profits. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate’s market research tool steps in to change the game.

Firstly, we will discuss the keyword research tool, Jaaxy. It is integrated with Wealthy Affiliate. To use the pro version, you will have to pay $49 per month, however, its lite version is included in the paid membership. It is a useful tool that can make your affiliate marketing business more successful much more quickly.

A user has to enter the seed or initial keyword and in return, Jaaxy gives a big list of related keywords relevant to the niche. Other than keywords, it will also display the competition, metrics, and volumes of the keywords, respectively.

The Site Rank tool, built within Jaaxy allows you to track your website’s ranking. You can pick specific keywords (mentioned on your website) and use them to look at the website ranks on different search engines. This tool works great if you want to improve search engine optimization. Having insights about the affiliate links and how far they are implemented is important in this industry. Therefore, this tool solves the problem.

What’s Good About Wealthy Affiliate’s Market Research Tool?

Most Keyword research tools are paid and come separately; however, you do not have to pay for one when using Wealthy Affiliate. Although it is not robust, it suffices for beginners who want to understand the concept of affiliate marketing and get a hang of how affiliate marketing tools work. In short, this tool lets you decide if you should invest in an advanced one or not.

What’s Bad About Wealthy Affiliate’s Market Research Tool?

It is of no competition to a robust keyword research tool. Other than that, the market research tool is limited to a few affiliate networks, however, you won’t get the information it provides from a simple Google search about the latest affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate’s World-Wide Community Of Marketers

The worldwide community of affiliate marketers is what set-asides Wealthy Affiliate from other platforms. The proactive community is the platform’s biggest strength and anyone who has insider knowledge will understand what I am talking about. Wealthy Affiliate takes pride in providing top-notch customer support, whether it is from a customer representative, a community member, or the CEO himself.

Imagine resolving your queries round the clock by affiliate experts and even the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. There’s an option to converse with members privately, however, only for paid members. The live chat feature allows quick chat with other members and eliminates the dire need for a waiting and ticketing system.

The vision of Wealthy Affiliate is to strengthen its community. That’s why all the members are encouraged to help each other and share about their ventures.

Make sure you take some time out for community interaction as you can gain expertise and knowledge only from there and Wealthy Affiliate’s education training courses.

What’s Good About Wealthy Affiliate’s Community?

It is difficult for some members to grasp the information in the lessons. It can become overwhelming for beginners. However, round the clock help during the training, and the live chat feature ensures you get through all the training modules easily.

What’s Bad About Wealthy Affiliate’s Community?

The community platform needs interaction at all times. The platform can appear to be confusing and hyperactive if you are non-social. Other than that, many members share a question to initiate conversations with no use. Little quality control would have been appreciated by the founders.

Pricing Of Wealthy Affiliate

Now that we have discussed all the features of Wealthy Affiliate in detail, it’s only fair to discuss the price. The free version is available to all and provides limited features so one can make up his mind. One can take a trial for as long as he wants and sign up as a paid member once he is fully convinced of the features and its user interface. To unlock advanced features, you can sign up for paid membership that costs $49 per month.

So, are the features worth $49 per month or is it a big investment? Well, it depends on your preferences and how far you want to take the affiliate marketing training. However, you must have $49 every month, or else, your membership will be nullified.

As far as the features like Jaaxy and SiteRubix are concerned, they are worth the price. The membership fee covers everything- the web hosting solution cost, the cost of market research tools like Jaaxy, domain registration, website builder, and much more.

When setting up an affiliate marketing business, these are the most important components one needs to get started. Your decision to switch to paid membership will benefit you in the long run, whenever the business starts to pick up. As far as the community and training courses are concerned, do not add them to the price as both of these options are available in the free version as well. However, you can’t chat privately with an expert while using the free version.

After investing as high as $49 per month, you can’t sit back and relax. Picking up techniques from the lessons and going through the study material, again and again, will have your business making a profit.

Most of the marketing techniques that you will learn in both the training courses involve content creation. Unless you are willing to spend hours improving your content creation skills and creating visually-appealing graphics, you won’t benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate program. If you can’t adjust your schedule for affiliate marketing, you are not ready to be a paid member of WA.

Comparison Chart

What’s Good About Wealthy Affiliate Free And Paid Memberships?

The free version of Wealthy Affiliate lets you take a grasp of the training courses and limited features without spending a dime while the paid membership is quite economical given it provides you with everything to build your website.

Those who are already free members even get a discount on the first membership fee. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges.

What’s Bad About Wealthy Affiliate Free And Paid Membership?

Investing money on wealthy affiliate’s paid membership won’t monetize your website on its own. You can’t expect to make money if you do not work hard as well.

Merits Of Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s take a look at why Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a credible platform for a beginner:

  • It is a community-driven platform

Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing in disguise for those who get overwhelmed by new things and can’t grasp all the information at once. Its worldwide community is supportive and responsive. By being an active part of the community, you will never feel left out in the process.

If you are a shy person who does not like to interact publicly, the live chat feature is just the option for you. WA’s community is full of enthusiastic and helping experts. They are eager to resolve queries and share knowledge. You can message them and get a prompt response.

The founders are actively engaged in assisting the beginners too. They spend most of their time updating training modules but you can reach them in private chats and they will surely answer back.

  • It is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution

Setting up an affiliate marketing business is an overwhelming challenge for beginners. However, Wealthy Affiliate is an umbrella that includes market research tools, keyword research tools, hosting solutions, domain registration tools, website-builder, and much more. While the market research tools help you stay on top of your competitors, the keyword research tool helps you to optimize your content.

Building your website on your own, working through complex codes and programs is a strenuous task. Outsourcing is an option but most of us do not have a big budget! Wealthy Affiliate provides a viable solution.

  • It has a user-friendly interface

The founders chose an intuitive approach to make affiliate marketing easy, fun, and interactive for everyone. Check out the training lessons and you will find all sorts of study materials there: be it videos, tutorials, or text-based study material.

  • It has a free version

Affiliate marketing is a big industry with thousands of scamming platforms. With fraudulent people in the field, it is normal to be skeptical about your hard-earned money. Nowadays, it is hard to know what a platform has to offer. If you are as skeptical as me, WA has just the solution. It allows us to use the free version to test the features and the training resources.

The absence of hidden charges and no upsell costs makes you want to believe in the platform’s authenticity. Wealthy Affiliate has not made false claims to date. It even offers you to be a part of their affiliate program so you can start your journey hassle-free.

Demerits Of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Outdated training resources

The educational material is somewhat outdated and provides limited knowledge about advanced digital marketing. It rarely touches the important topics of off-page SEO, link building approaches, and inbound links.

Some social media engagement tricks in the lessons are outdated. For example, one trick is to comment on various groups and creating an official FB page.

Other than that, the lessons focus on PPC campaigns and not on email marketing and off-page SEO. This is unfortunate because Google emphasizes backlinks. On-page SEO works together with off-page SEO to increase’s Google rankings. With little material/resources about off-page SEO, one can’t learn about the whole picture.

Even though PPC campaigns are effective, they do not drive organic traffic. An affiliate marketing platform needs to address the importance of digital marketing.

  • The Affiliate Bootcamp could generate false hopes

The Bootcamp program offers beginners to work as an affiliate marketer as soon as they finish it. Novice affiliate marketers can be easily fooled and expect immediate results. They would think of affiliate marketing as selling memberships and making money. Things can mess up easily and they would be stuck at selling memberships only.

It is like forcing a niche upon someone. Niche selection as per your personality is important if you want the business to prosper. Research thoroughly on how to make money with affiliate marketing and you will get stuck on the first point, ‘to choose a preferable niche’. To engage a large, yet loyal, audience one must choose a business she/he is passionate about.

But Wealthy Affiliate, in no way forces you to earn a commission by selling their memberships. They only provide a sincere opportunity to kickstart your career as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

Plenty of questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate are unanswered. Keep moving forward to know more about the platform:

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Legit Platform?

Yes, it is. It provides us with a free version to test the platform’s credibility and use of features. Even after paying for the memberships, there are no hidden charges. Moreover, you can cancel the membership anytime, without any trouble.

How Much Time does It Take To Learn Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate?

It depends on how much effort and hard work you put into it. As a novice affiliate marketer, spend about 2 hours, every day. If you are spending less than 2 hours, you would learn with a slow momentum.

Is It Necessary To Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

No. You have the choice to choose another product or service to promote and earn a commission.

Is Wealthy Affiliate The Right Choice For Me?

If you are a novice affiliate marketer who aims to understand the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, then it is the platform for you.

Are There Similar Platforms Available?

Yes, there are similar platforms offering affiliate marketing courses but unlike Wealthy Affiliate, they do not provide tools for market research, website building, domain registration, and hosting.

The Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site Image

If done correctly, affiliate marketing can help you run a flourishing business. However, it requires countless hours of training, marketing research, hard work, and a concrete strategy to make consistent profit. If you have a like-minded, responsive, and supportive community by your side, you can pick up the concepts much faster.

Support is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Unlike others who promise to turn you into a millionaire overnight, it focuses on techniques to build a concrete strategy for a stable business. While providing a plethora of study material for affiliate marketing, it offers additional features to kickstart your career as an affiliate marketer.

Now It’s Your Turn!

The best of luck to you, my friend!

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In order to give you a glimpse into its power, I want to show you a table of suggested search terms that were produced by looking up the seed keywords “Wealthy Affiliate” and “Affiliate Marketing” so that you can get an idea for why you will want to begin incorporating keyword research into your own projects.

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Data Derived From My Independent Research

If you are interested in learning about how I compiled the data for this table, click on over to my review of the very best keyword research tool on the web, LongTail Pro for an in depth explanation.

You will not be disappointed!

10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Avatar Of Cesar

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great tool for a beginner because it shows you how to do it and will guide your way for part of the story. But, it gets to a point where WA doesn’t offer as much and you need to look elsewhere for more advanced tips and features. This is not a community for advanced affiliates.

  2. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hey there William,
    I would say that it really depends from person to person. It’s hard to say that something is necessarily “better” just because it offers more features, because there will always be people who do not actually need all the bells and whistles. The major difference between the versions is that with the advanced version you get unlimited keyword searches. Also, the service offers more keyword ideas based on your seed keyword. It also offers competition analysis. Jaaxy is Wealthy Affiliate’s solution to providing an opportunity for beginning entrepreneurs to begin their journey of keyword research. This program is not 100% essential because other tools exist that are actually better. My personal recommendation is to use LongTail Pro for all keyword research.

  3. Avatar Of William

    You said the lite version comes with the membership. What about the more advanced version? Is it better in terms of what it offers?

  4. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi there Luke,

    I’d like to offer some personal thoughts in response to your comment, if I may.

    Though Wealthy Affiliate can indeed help professional marketers get ahead and teach them valuable skills, the program really is geared toward those who are just starting out in the world of online marketing.

    Because of this, they offer their platform as a way to help those with less experience to not get tripped up on the more technical issues like Nameservers, DNS settings and such, and to focus on what really counts; providing valuable content to their readers.

    I tend to think of WA’s in house hosting as sort of like a pre-made store in the mall. You are kind of renting the space to run your business out of and everything comes pre set up, but when you are ready to branch out on your own and set up your own store somewhere, you cannot take the shop in the mall with you on your new journey.

    Hopefully this analogy will help anyone who may feel like this is a severely negative thing. It is a actually a great service they offer. And it is worth repeating, “it is a service they offer.” Anyone who would like to set up hosting through other hosting companies, but still enjoy the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate community, is more than welcome to do so. You do not lose any benefits by choosing to do this. It is just a slightly more complex way of going about getting started that some entrepreneurs in their beginning stages may not yet feel comfortable with.


  5. Avatar Of Luke

    @John – The author actually mentions that in case you do leave WA you can’t migrate your website which is insane. Why wouldn’t you allow people to take their work with them if they leave? This is not right. You should be allowed to take your site with you if you want to. This is just a way to keep you stuck in place with them.

  6. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi John,
    Something I mentioned in the review is that this can be a point of contention for some more advanced users. For those who are just starting out in this environment, the domain hosting offered by Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing, as it is all inclusive. They do not force their users to rely on their hosting but rather offer it as an alternative solution to finding hosting through Bluehost, or Godaddy or etc.

    For anyone who is ready to take that next step and create a site they want to have complete control over, Wealthy Affiliate’s training certainly prepares them for that opportunity as well! When I first started using Wealthy Affiliate, I used their hosting and set up my niche sites that way and had a good experience, but eventually I moved on to managing my own projects once I had more experience and comfortability.

    Ultimately, I think it depends on the user, but there is something for everyone to benefit from.

  7. Avatar Of John

    Isn’t it a smart idea to have your own domain? I mean why host it with Wealthy Affiliate? I think it’s good to have control over your domain and hosting because you never know. I would never want to have my website controlled by anyone else.

  8. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hey Aubrey, thanks for your question.
    I am going to answer this with first hand knowledge as I have enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliates course and am quite familiar with their mission.

    YES! They absolutely encourage everyone who is just starting out to go after a niche or topic that they are interested in.

    In fact, one of the really cool things about their program is their enormous community of people who are there 24/7 sharing ideas and commenting on each others sites and giving feedback. It really is a place where anyone, even an absolute beginner, can make a difference.

    Not only with their own site that they are learning to create and all that, but with their fellow entrepreneurs who are also looking to make an impact in the world in their own way. The Support and encouragement is really unique and makes a huge difference with staying focused and seeing real results with your goals.
    If anyone is on the fence about this after reading my review, then visit the Wealthy Affiliate site now and have a look around and see for yourself what they are all about!

  9. Avatar Of Aubrey

    I am currently trying to gather as much information on WA as I can. I am thinking of joining but would like to know more.

    Do they (the WA creators) emphasize creating sites on things you love doing or just create websites on any topic you want? I want more people to work on things they love and improve the internet and not just throw any sites out there hoping they make money. This is very important to me and I want to learn from people that think the same. So, I am skiing, is this the case with WA?

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