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NordVPN Review

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NordVPN Review [2021]
Is It Really The Best VPN Service Available?


Whether you are looking to run a business to make money online, or simply watching cat videos on YouTube, it is important to know that everything you do online, and I do mean everything, is being monitored.

Every little click, every little scroll.
It is all tracked.

If you use the internet at all, then your activity is obtained and used by corporations and governments to learn how to more effectively advertise to you.

So what is the big deal with this?

Well… throughout your life, you will undoubtedly click on hundreds of links to shady websites offering all kinds of random products and services.

These websites serve one main purpose: to track you and get your contact information.

It is in the interest of the website creators to track and monitor their site visitors so they can build aggregated data sets and run algorithms on their traffic to achieve a higher click through rate on their links.

Many of these websites use illegal means of obtaining and utilizing your information. It is a matter of fact. Not my opinion.

Infographic Describing The Risks Of Stolen Data

The more you get involved with putting yourself online and becoming active on the internet, the more you need to protect yourself. This is a very deep topic and touches on various things such as identity theft, banking fraud and the likes.
But we are not going to get into all of that here.

What we are going to discuss are tactics that you can use right now to guard yourself against these unscrupulous people. The very first and foremost thing to do is to simply use common sense.

If you have landed on a website, for example, and the first thing you get is a pop-up box asking for your e-mail address, take a moment to look over the sales pitch and what it is that they are requesting of you.

Many websites employ this trick to obtain your e-mail address, name and/or contact info in exchange for an e-book, or some other form of free information so that they can continue to market to you through your e-mail, or text messages or otherwise.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as almost all reputable services use this tactic also. However, hackers can easily gain access to your information this way as well.

Check the website’s URL. Make sure that they have an https:// and not just an http:// at the beginning of their domain name. That “S” is a security certificate that verifies the website is protected.

Infographic Describing The Risks Of Weak Passwords

There are many ways for you to protect yourself online, but the overall best way is to utilize a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It sounds more complicated than it really is, and it could not be more simple to utilize.

A VPN is a way to use encryption to provide secure access to a remote computer on the web. It is absolutely essential if you are going to be doing any marketing, online work, or really just using the internet in general.

Without it, all of your data is essentially out in the open for all the world to see, and hackers can easily take advantage of your website credentials and, worst-case-scenario, ruin everything you have worked so hard for.

There are many stories you can read about as to why a VPN is so important, just give it a google and read up on it.

As you go along reading about this, you will inevitably come across dozens of different sites recommending their VPN services and you will invariably fall victim to the sales pitches and tactics of several of them.

Namely because they really are indeed legitimate and important.

But we are going to shift our attention to one VPN in particular: NordVPN

Nordvpn Review Site Image

It is quite likely that you have come across NordVPN already in one place or another, as their popularity has grown immensely in the last year or so. And not without good reason.

Read on to find out why they are my #1 recommendation for VPN services for 2021 and beyond.

NordVPN Review

Do you already know in-depth about NordVPN?

If not, then I will assume you are here to get answers to your questions. I know when you hear about a VPN, there are probably  specific questions that pop up in your mind.

For instance, how efficient and fast is the service of the VPN?
Is it reliable and can I trust it?

I want to address these questions to eliminate any confusion you may have. You have come to the right place because this article will give an extensive NordVPN review.

If we compare it with other VPN services, then it is easily one of the best options. There is plenty of assistance and exceptional features of this VPN. But we will start from the basics and work our way up.

What Is A VPN Service?

Have you ever faced a problem where a specific site isn’t working in your region? If your answer is yes, then a VPN is your solution.

After switching on a VPN, the system creates an encrypted tunnel between a computer and a server. However, all these functionalities are controlled by the VPN services. As a result, all of the traffic travels through this tunnel.

It means that no other person on the same network can sneak a peek at your data. Moreover, there are lots of other functions of the VPN service. For example, it prevents malicious networks from meddling in your information.

  • The best VPN protects web traffic from being monitored by your ISP. If you have an IT-related background, I’m sure you are aware that protection from ISP’s is vital. Your ISP can sell data secretly and makes it very easy for advertisers to track you online
  • A good VPN protects you from almost all online threats. But if you want to make sure that you have even more robust security, then it is good to turn on two-factor authentication.
  • Apart from this, it is recommended to set complex passwords for each site. Many people also prefer to use a password manager and antivirus software for an added shield.

NordVPN Summary

NordVPN is among the best and fastest VPN providers with advance functions, high security, and privacy standards. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable options when it comes to budget management.

NordVPN is based out of Panama and has much to offer. Panama is a country that has no mandatory data retention laws and doesn’t participate in the five eyes or fourteen eyes alliance.

There are many things to discuss in this review. But let’s first dig out some history and general information about the company.

NordVPN Basic Information

Service nameNordVPN
Released in2012
DevelopersTefincom & CO.
Operating systemsAndroid, IOS,
(Nordvpn Ubuntu)
macOS, and Windows
Type of serviceVirtual private network
Works onComputers, smartphones, router, and Smart tv
Overall rankNumber one

History Of NordVPN

Nordvpn Review Site Image 1 For Context

2012 was the birth year of NordVPN; since then it has continuously impressed people with its smart features. Later in 2016, the management introduced android and IOS apps to capture a wider audience.

NordVPN has also introduced the Google Chrome extension. The following are significant events that we shouldn’t leave out while discussing NordVPN.

  • In 2019, NordVPN introduced a solution for businesses with the name “NordVPN Teams.” The main aim of this new extension is to target small and medium-sized enterprises. Apart from these groups, freelancers were also the target because they need to access work resources globally.
  • In December 2019, NordVPN joined the community of platforms that promised to promote online security. Furthermore, the main aim was to self-regulate the service by introducing transparency.
  • In August 2020, Try Hunt, an Australian web expert, joined the team with NordVPN to make the service even better. He joined the venture as a strategic advisor.

Working Servers Around The Globe

NordVPN is working with more than 5,500 servers in more than 59 countries. The main aim of these servers is to provide excellent service to the users.

This means that you won’t need to worry about how the internet speed is working. If the server is closer, then the users will get more improved internet speed, of course.

From the above discussion, I know you have figured out that NordVPN serves globally. But, it is worth noting again that the headquarters is in Panama. That’s a huge plus for users as Panama falls out of the five eyes and nine eyes jurisdictions, as mentioned earlier.

What Are The Highlighted Features Of NordVPN?

Generally, if we talk about the features of NordVPN, then it covers almost all areas you could need in a VPN. It really has all the essential features that are out there. You don’t need any other service to find a unique range of servers. Let’ discuss more on the features of this VPN service in depth.

Secure Internet

Data protection is the priority of the NordVPN service. Many VPN companies sell their user’s data to advertisers. Moreover, hackers can easily exploit unsecured connections.

If you are not using a secure service, then governments can demand your logs from the company. But if you are using VPN encryption, it saves your data from third parties, and others can’t misuse it. In short, it protects your data.

  • 2048-bit DH key
  • SHA2-384 authentication
  • Perfect forward secrecy

Mainly, this is a cipher that is used to encrypt and decrypt data. However, the authentication makes sure whether or not the data has successfully arrived at the correct server or not.

Apart from this, it makes sure that your connection isn’t compromised and there is nothing to expose.

NordVPN uses IKE v2 as the default option for Mac OS and IOS devices. Also, you have the opportunity to change to OpenVPN. Note that Android and Windows users only have the option of OpenVPN. NordVPN provides a superb choice for IOS users as well.

Kill Switch

If you were not aware of this feature before, keep in mind that it is one of the best selling points of NordVPN. It is the best VPN feature to block unwanted traffic, leaving your device safe even if the connection is compromised.

 The Kill Switch stops the DNS requests and IP addresses from getting leaked. NordVPN has the option of the kill switch for their mobile and desktop users.

It is also available for Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android. But there are some functionality differences depending on the device. For instance, it’s automatically turned on with mobile devices, but it’s turned off by default on a desktop.

So, you have to go to the settings to turn it on to benefit more from maximum protection. It automatically enables on IOS but not on Android.

This review is seeking to explain here that NordVPN offers something else with its kill switch. It means that you can control which apps are blocked, and this is another feature of the NordVPN kill switch extension.

So, if your VPN connection is lost, then you can still stay connected to the internet. But you also have the choice to block risky apps until its restored.

Leak Test And Leak Protection

A leak test is another of the important features of NordVPN and it should be a high priority when selecting your VPN service.

There are unfortunate occasions where software flaws and browser security discrepancies can sometimes leak your data. This data could even be DNS requests and IP addresses.

This means that you are making your location and activity visible to hackers and your Internet Service Provider. In addition, it makes you more vulnerable to spies and people who can see your site and traffic.

To provide protection, NordVPN offers DNS and IP leak protection to stop accidental exposure. It is safe to say that NordVPN provides protection against scams and ensures that you are secure.

Double Encryption

There is no doubt that NordVPN takes security one level higher than other VPN service providers.

NordVPN even provides a double VPN where it routes traffic through two servers. This  means that it’s much tougher to find and trace your online activity.

Essentially this means that traffic bounces between servers in different locations, adding to your protection.

Nord Locker

Nord Locker is another great feature of the NordVPN service provider.

This feature helps to upload files to the cloud. The feature encrypts the files before you share or upload them to the cloud. It means that you can share the files with people who have Nord lockers if they want to decrypt the file.

So, all these features mean that there is less risk of a hacker’s attack being successful.

If on the off chance a hacker is able to access one of your files, they won’t be able to decrypt it because they won’t be able to read the code.

Furthermore, you get 5GB of free data after your first sign up.

Split Tunneling

NordVPN doesn’t offer split tunneling for desktops. But there is an option to use the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

If you download these extensions, then only your browser traffic is encrypted. But apps outside of the browsers still use the local IP address.

However, the functionality of a mobile device is different from browsers. It is a default setting to route all the apps through the VPN, and you can easily change this.

This means that you can add your favorite apps and assign a foreign IP.

NordVPN Speeds

This is one of the primary and most useful features that makes NordVPN my number one recommendation.

Based on your location, it can connect you with the fastest available server. It would not be wrong to say that it has very fast speed in browsing, streaming, and gaming, especially when compared to other VPN options. 

Thus, this top feature is the reason to select NordVPN as the number one service. But here is one thing to remember, you can’t choose the location as per your choice.

The app decides for you which server it will use and if you want fast speed then you just let it do its thing.

Apart from this, if you want to unblock specific local sites or content, then pick your desired location. All of the options are available on the sidebar.

According to another speed test, here is what was calculated.

  • Download speed percentage change 63%
  • Upload speed percentage change 57.3%
  • And latency speed percentage change 67.5%

Due to these excellent results, it can be determined that NordVPN is one of the fastest and most secure service providers out there. Apart from this, in comparison with other VPN services, NordVPN showed promising results. If we look at the regional developments, then these are the following numbers.

  • North America 112 Mbps
  • Europe 122 Mbps
  • And Asia 112 Mbps

We are mentioning a speed test that will show how NordVPN worked on windows and MacBook pro. The results are the following.

Comparison Chart

 MacBook proAcer (Windows)
Ping without VPN42 MS5 MS
Ping with VPN46160
Ping difference10%3100%
MacBook download speed without VPN54.8623.49
Download speed with VPN41.37 Mbps21.7 Mbps
Download speed difference-24%-8%
Upload speed without VPN33.86 Mbps24 Mbps
Upload speed with VPN27.32 Mbps7.91 Mbps
Upload speed difference-20%-67%

Note: The above results prove that NordVPN is a versatile option and works very well on all devices. So, whether you are using IOS or windows, it will give exceptional efficacy and performance.

Multiple Users On NordVPN

One of the best features of NordVPN is that it allows up to six users to connect at once. This makes it possible to divide the VPN with family, friends, or roommates.

In addition to this, NordVPN offers apps for almost all operating systems.

NordVPN For Gaming

Now obviously Speed Tests are different from heavy usage. NordVPN often faces high demand activities like gaming. If you are a gamer, then you know that more buffering and logging can be annoying.

So, if you rely on a simple speed test, you will not be able to test your VPN’s gaming speed. Regular speed tests are indeed different from real life gaming. In a gaming test, gamers usually put NordVPN to the test with Fortnite.

Fortnite is an ultra-fast game that requires lots of speed to play. At first, gamers connected it with a US server, and the pace never lagged anywhere.

In the second test, the gamers tested the game on an Australian server, and the results were impressive. If you are a gamer and wishing to play buffer and lag-free games, then you should definitely give NordVPN a try.

NordVPN Review For Torrenting

NordVPN p2p: NordVPN is offering more than 5,500 P2P optimized servers.

These servers’ main aim is to enable the users to access them from the sidebar without any hassle. As a result, it saves the time of visiting the website to see which server you can use for P2P activity.

Moreover, each server offers unlimited bandwidth and data. As a result, you can send and share as many files as you want to share.

Also, there is a no-log policy, so none of your torrenting activity is retained. NordVPN always works to provide the best service and makes sure to facilitate the customers.

So, you aren’t restricted to just one torrent client. NordVPN has a vast network and works with all famous torrent provider services like:

  • Utorrent (though no tutorial is provided for how to use utorrent with vpn)
  • Bit torrent
  • Vuze

According to the data of different speed tests, the results were promising.

NordVPN connections were strong enough and gave faster speeds than the regular links. As a result, you can easily bypass ISP adjusting. Moreover, it offers another neat feature to find the ideal server quickly.

In addition to this, you can use the server’s advice tool on the website. As a result of this feature, you only need to select your location and server protocol, and NordVPN will suggest the best result for you.

NordVPN is the best and provides SOCKS5 proxies; you can easily set up your torrent with any client and enjoy fast speed. Though SOCKS5 isn’t fully encrypted, you can use it alongside NordVPN for exceptional results.

NordVPN is the best VPN and provides P2P support, torrenting features with super-fast speed.

Infographic Describing Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Features That Make NordVPN The Right Choice

Nordvpn Review Site Image

Apart from the direct P2P support, NordVPN offers several different features that make it a perfect fit for users. It is one of the smartest choices for people who want to use the best VPN for torrenting.

The following features are enough to choose this VPN service over all others:

  • Strict no-log policy
  • Multiple layers of DNS
  • Traffic leak protection
  • You can pay via Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies.
  • There are many privacy extras, including double VPN and onion over VPN service.

If you are looking for any competitor service, then you should know right now that they just don’t compete with NordVPN. The option is yours based on the features that are more important for you, of course, but NordVPN wins the game, hands down.

NordVPN Logging Policy

We have mentioned earlier that NordVPN has a stringent no-logs policy.

There are many VPN providers, but the privacy policy of NordVPN is much clearer than most. NordVPN has a strict guarantee to adhere to not log data.

In simple words, what you do on the internet isn’t monitored, recorded, or logged. Also, you won’t have to worry that your data is stored or passed to third parties.

The management system doesn’t keep stamps on connection time, bandwidth used, traffic logs, browsing data, or IP addresses. All these features combined protect against the logging of your internet activities.

Infographic Describing What Google Knows About Its Users

NordVPN Backing Up All These Claims?

It is a common perception that most VPN services don’t back up their said claims. But it’s the reality in the case of NordVPN. If we look at their record, NordVPN has conducted many independent searches to back up their claims. For instance, in the last year NordVPN enlisted Price Waterhouse Cooper to conduct an audit on their features and practices.

Apart from this, in 2020, a report claimed that they did not find any sign of any violation in their no log guarantee. The information doesn’t argue much about the details in a technical sense. But the NordVPN users can take a look at the supported data to know more about this.

NordVPN Netflix FAQ:

One of the most essential and famous features of a VPN is to reach the geo-blocked sites.

So, it is a critical advantage to use a VPN. NordVPN doesn’t claim false things, but it helps to get the web content and entertainment sites.

So, no, you don’t need to worry about censorship and blockage. Different tests have tried and tested NordVPN services and found out promising results. We are mentioning the results of some tests to show the capabilities in depth.

  • Tests were conducted to find out the capacity of NordVPN in the US region. For this purpose, they ran some tests to access the YouTube content that is only available in the United States. As a result, NordVPN passed every test and gave complete YouTube accessibility to every tested server.
  • Apart from this, a test was conducted with Amazon’s streaming service. There were no problems streaming the content. Moreover, the VPN was working perfectly fine on the normal application and browser extension for NordVPN.
  • Netflix is another significant challenge that most VPN failed to pass. But NordVPN didn’t only unblock the sites but had no issue in streaming. So, it was successfully accessing every server on the regular app and browser extension.

What If You Can’t Access Netflix?

Now we head towards the main question, and the most concerning. Yes, the real issue is about the support service of NordVPN. If you face any issues accessing blocked content, then NordVPN offers plenty of help.

You can visit the help page to see helpful suggestions. However, if you can’t access any specific server or content, then you have the option to reach out to support. It’s worth checking to reach the knowledge base and chat with their team of support members for assistance.

Also, NordVPN Apple TV is another alternative if Netflix is giving you grief.

NordVPN Apps

After signing into the VPN, you will want to install the apps and might want to use the service immediately. NordVPN takes care of you here as well by providing apps.

You only need to click the links. Then the site will offer a link for you to use with your device automatically. You only need to go a little further and download the Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux apps. 

  • There are more than 50 tutorials available to explain the manual setup of the services.
  • Moreover, it has many tutorials for Windows to cover the services and to set up manually. The guidance is available for most all versions of Windows.
  • If you want to configure NordVPN as a browser copy, then that is doable. Yes, you will be able to find instructions for most all available browsers and bit torrent services.
LinuxManual configuration
BlackberryManual configuration
Windows phoneWith Manual configuration
Infographic Describing Tips For Small Businesses To Secure Customer Data

NordVPN Customer Support

You will find a section of “Frequently asked questions” on the main website. Here you can find the answers about billing, connectivity, and other topics as well.

Also, here you can find tutorials that will help you to get plenty of information. The detailed info, simple processes, and guidance on how to troubleshoot help a lot to get information in depth.

There is also a Support site for customers. This is a great way to get a Nordvpn server list if you are looking for it as well.

  • If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, then there is a great option that allows you to chat with a bot that can answer most any question 24/7. There is also a page that has individual settings files for OpenVPN that you can download.
  • Still, if all the above things don’t work, NordVPN has live agents that you can speak with day or night. You can get a detailed response to every question in a very short time.
  • There is also an option of email support where replies don’t take much time. If we compare the support system with other VPN services, then the answers of NordVPN are more detailed and accurate.

NordVPN Pricing Plans

We have already determined from the above discussion that NordVPN is among the very best VPN services out there and has many useful features.

Another very attractive feature is that it offers excellent value for your money. Above all, the company has created many new features and improvements to polish the service.

Here are the current pricing plans that you can select as per your requirement and needs. There is no Nordvpn free account available at this time. All monthly plans available can be thought of as a Nordvpn premium account.

As you can see, the service is extremely affordable, no matter what your current financial situation.

Nordvpn Pricing Plans
*Pricing may vary slightly from day to day. Click Here for up to date pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are giving a detailed NordVPN review, as it is the closest thing out there to a free premium vpn because it is so cost effective.

So, it’s essential to cover every side of the VPN service and features. Thus, here are some other vital questions to clear any doubts you may have.

By the end you will see why you will want a NordVPN lifetime access!

Does NordVPN Cause The Internet To Slow Down?

There does not exist a VPN service that does not cause your internet to slow down a bit based on the nature of what a VPN is.

Sometimes NordVPN can slow down the internet connection because it is unavoidable to secure your data.

According to various speed-tests, NordVPN showed a decrease in performance of between 6%-8%. But, that is very reasonable and expected for a VPN service.

Does NordVPN Drain Phone Or Laptop Batteries?

Like any application, NordVPN works with your hardware. So, it uses the internal system, and because of this it uses the battery and impacts the portable device. This is true for any application that you use with any device.

Is NordVPN Available In China Or Other Countries With Internet Censorship?

According to the company, the service functions very well in China. It means that you can use the VPN service if you are in China. Above all, it has potentially better results by using the firm servers.

Looking To Use NordVPN For Videochats?

There is no difference for how to use vpn on omegle or other sites than what has been explained thus far. If you were looking for how to use omegle with vpn then you are in luck, as it is as simple as downloading NordVPN and using its features.

Infographic Describing Why Nordvpn Is A Must For Business

Pros And Cons Of NordVPN

From the above discussion, it has been proven that NordVPN is one of the best VPN services that are available. You may have heard various things from either Twitter or Nordvpn reddit searches, or otherwise.

Here are the positive and negative aspects of NordVPN.

Pros Of NordVPN

  • Robust privacy and security features
  • It offers premium performance, fast services, reliability, and instant connections
  • Above all, all services are available at low prices with an excellent refund policy
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Very easy to open a NordVPN account
  • Easy to learn how to use NordVPN on mac
  • Fully featured mobile apps, as well as NordVPN Chrome searches
  • Wire guard support with NordLynx
  • Extra security guard features with upgrades
  • Large and secure networks of servers and connections
  • Strict no-log policy
  • NordVPN Cybersec works to block ads
  • Support for Netflix, torrents, and gaming, as well as for how to use NordVPN
  • Much easier to understand when compared with how to use Softether vpn and Cactus vpn, etc.

Excellent customer support and affordable prices are enough to grab the attention. There is plenty of support for how to use Nordvpn as well. But it’s vital to look into the cons as well.

The major cons of NordVPN are simply that it lacks tutorial instructions on how to do several things that you will probably want to do. It is a great product but you will need to do some google searches to get real specific instructions for some of your own personal needs.

Cons Of NordVPN

  • There are slightly cheaper options out there (though much less useful)
  • No dedicated router apps, but it still works on routers
  • There is no easy Nordvpn Paypal account feature
  • No tutorial for how does a vpn router work
  • No tutorial for how to use nordvpn for torrenting in general
  • No tutorial for how to download vpn on school computer
  • No tutorial for how to get vpn on school computer
  • No tutorial for how to use nordvpn on firestick
  • No tutorial for how to use vpn on smart tv or how to use vpn on tv
  • No tutorial for how to use vpn on roku
  • No tutorial for how to use vpn on kodi
  • No free vps offered


Nordvpn Review Site Image

There isn’t any doubt that NordVPN is the best VPN service available and that they provide excellent features.

Moreover, it has a fleet of servers that can easily target the globe with excellent services and features. Also there is the notion of the Nordvpn dedicated IP.

Apart from this, the ease of use and user-friendly interface are significant factors to grab attention. Let’s see how NordVPN stacks up against the competition:

Value for money9/10
Overall rankingNumber one
Learn More About NordVPN Here

My hope is that the above discussion is enough for you to see that NordVPN is the only VPN that you should be considering at this point.

They are the only VPN that I use and I believe you will see why when you give them a try for yourself.

So take action now.
Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the robust features of true protection online, with an un-interrupted browsing experience.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Nordvpn Review Discount Sign Up

The best of luck to you, my friend!

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7 thoughts on “NordVPN Review

  1. Avatar Of Dominic

    Yeah, what’s up with the lack of a Paypal account feature? I mean, come on. It’s not like NordVPN is an unknown VPN – it’s one of the most known ones. How could they not have this?

    And people should definitely know about a kill switch. Any VPN that doesn’t have one should be excluded from the start.

  2. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hey Robert,
    I do intend to do additional in-depth reviews on other VPN services in the future, so that people can get an even better idea of what is out there. In short, I will state for the record that NordVPN is the very best option, overall. But more reviews are to come!

    Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Robert

    Can you please do a NordVPN vs Surfshark review? I am trying to decide between these two at the moment. NordVPN is probably one of the best in the world from what I can gather but Surfshark has better prices and offers. So I want to know if getting an account with Surfshark would be enough or if I need to go for Nord. Thanks.

  4. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hey Neil,
    Nice comment, I must say.
    To everything you have said here I give a resounding “I agree.”

    I have been using NordVPN for many years now and I have to come to really dislike the feeling of browsing the web without it. In my review I tried to make it clear that people should not be using the internet without a VPN if they value any sort of anonymity. I know it is impractical to be able to use a VPN all the time, but at least on our phones and our home computers we should all really strive to do so. My favorite thing about NordVPN specifically is just how darn simple it is to use! just one click and boom, connected.

    It’s just so easy, it’s a no brainer. If anyone is still unsure about the benefits of utilizing this service, then go ahead and go to the NordVPN website and they will show you first hand how your IP address is left unprotected without using their service. Using NordVPN, this is immediately remedied and this is a perfect, easy, quick way to verify that you are truly hidden online.

    I cannot recommend them enough.

  5. Avatar Of Neil

    NordVPN is without doubt the best VPN in the world. I think the closest that could ever come to it is ExpressVPN which is more expensive. But NordVPN offers everything you’ll ever need. Been with them for a few months and it can unlock US Netflix, is based in Panama so your privacy is safe and has good prices. What I want more from them is that they add servers in more countries.

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