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LongTail Pro Review

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LongTail Pro Review [2021]
Is It Really The Best Keyword Research Tool?

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LongTail Pro is an extremely useful keyword research platform that gives you the power to discover and determine which keywords are best targeted and most profitable for your business ventures.

Additionally, it details and calculates keyword competitiveness among nearly every niche imaginable.

As keyword research continues to become one of the most significant aspects of creating and managing consistent website traffic, it is now more critical than ever to have effective resources and tools that allow creators and marketers to optimize their keyword strategies.

In this LongTail Pro review, I will be sharing with you how the platform works, the pros and cons, pricing plans, as well as my own personal opinions about it.

After reading this review, you will have a comprehensive understanding of this tool and you will be familiar with all the ways in which it can help you grow your online presence, no matter what your individual goals are.

By the end, you will see that this is truly a necessary resource for anyone who is serious about making money online, driving traffic to their website, or really just about any online traffic goals in general.

A Quick Introduction To LongTail Pro

Longtail Pro Review Site Image
Completely Change The Game With
LongTail Pro!

LongTail Pro is a tool that is paramount for keyword research.

You can use it to quickly find keywords with low competition to use for your website, ecommerce store, or anywhere else that you are looking to drive traffic.

This tool is built primarily for those relying on search engine optimization (SEO) rather than those using paid ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies.

While some may still use this platform for paid ads, it really was built and is best suited for those using SEO.

Simply put, LongTail Pro helps you to easily and quickly find many keywords based on a “seed” keyword that you provide.

While LongTail Pro provides hundreds of related keywords, this tool also shows search volume, or monthly search volume, the number of words, rank value, advertiser bid, and of course keyword competitiveness.

The keyword competitiveness data shows you how to judge the competition, as well as the difficulty of ranking your site for the keyword.

Ultimately, LongTail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that allows the user to generate up to thousands of unique keywords within minutes, and all of this is provided off of one single root keyword, or you can input multiple root keywords at one time.

LongTail Pro is a fantastic platform for beginners, marketing professionals, agencies, affiliate marketers, and SEO consultants.

Here’s How It Works

First, you enter your seed keywords from which LongTail Pro will suggest hundreds of long-tail keywords. Then, LongTail Pro will run keyword and competitor analyses based on thirteen unique metrics.

After analyzing the metrics and competitiveness of the keywords, LongTail Pro will determine the profitability of keywords, as well as their ranking value.

To continuously maintain the success of your keywords, LongTail Pro provides a Rank Tracker that allows you to stay on top of your keywords and their rankings. This is really Key.

There are three distinct ways in which you can use the platform to conduct keyword research.

You can get long-tail keywords from seed terms. LongTail Pro will generate hundreds more and find the keywords that match your preference based on a series of filters using the single seed keyword.

Or, you can do research based on your competitors’ work in order to find keywords – all you need to do is supply your competitor’s domain.

Finally, to develop a deeper understanding of your keywords, you can do an in-depth analysis to ensure that your keywords will produce profitable results.

Key Features

Keyword Generation
LongTail Pro makes it simple for users to generate the keywords that they need to optimize their SEO strategy.

By giving users the capability to create a list of powerful and verified keywords, they allow you to target and rank within your niche and industry specifically.

Keyword Campaign Management
LongTail Pro makes it easy for users to manage many different keyword campaigns so that they can stay organized as they optimize their websites for their visitors.

The platform allows you to configure separate campaigns for individual websites so that you can manage all of your campaigns in one convenient location. This is a huge benefit if you are looking to scale up your efforts along your journey.

Keyword Competition Checker
Keyword competitiveness and knowing how other companies are ranking for the keywords that you are considering implementing on your website are crucial to your website’s success and profitability.

This platform allows you to easily and consistently monitor the competition levels of your competitors and how they are ranking.

Keyword Import Tool
LongTail Pro makes it easy to import an existing list or groups for those who have a list of existing keywords to continue building on their success.

You can also continue to test their quality to determine if it is cost-effective and profitable to keep putting money towards specific keywords.

Backlink Analysis
Keywords and backlinks are two of the main factors that are used to determine how well a website is ranked within a search result while also demonstrating how much organic traffic a website is receiving.

Keyword Rank and Volume
LongTail Pro showcases the rank and volume of each keyword. Users can see detailed information about the current rank and approximate search volume. This information is provided in a user-friendly and comprehensive layout.

Rich Domain Name Finder
Choosing the right domain name is an essential part of using your keywords to their fullest potential.

LongTail Pro comes with an integrated rich domain name finder to make it easier for you to find a domain name that is compatible with your keywords.

A symbiotic relationship between your keywords and your domain name allows you to perform within your industry or niche better.

What Are The Pros of Using LongTail Pro?

Longtail Pro Review Site Image
Find Out For Yourself What LongTail Pro Can Do For You!

LongTail Pro provides many fantastic features to its users. Here are just a few that I find to be among the most useful to those using the platform.

  • Keyword Suggestions In Bulk: Using up to five seed keywords at a single time, after inputting your seed keyword, the platform provides hundreds of related keywords that are backed by multiple data points.
  • Competitor Analysis: This function allows you to dig deeper into how you will rank compared to your competitors.
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score: This is arguably their very best feature! This score uses a scale from 1 to 100 to demonstrate how difficult it will be to rank on Google using your keyword.
  • The Rank Tracker: Another very useful analytical metric, the Rank Tracker is precise, accurate, and very straightforward.
  • Keep All Your Projects In One Place: The LongTail Pro platform gives you the opportunity to keep all of your different tasks for your various blogs and websites neatly organized within the tool. You can organize by category, website, keywords, and other methods.

What Are The Cons of LongTail Pro?

While the LongTail Pro platform is incredibly and astoundingly helpful, there are a couple areas that could benefit from some form of improvement, in my opinion.

  • The Limit On Seed Keywords: Overall, this is a great feature. However, the limit could be set a bit higher. It is a very helpful tool with a current limit of five, but why not allow for more seed keywords? Especially when it is so valuable to us as users.
  • The Limit On Manual Keywords: Again, this is not something that affects the overall usefulness or functionality of the platform, but it is something that would benefit from a broader scope of capabilities. You can currently input 200 manual keywords at one time, and it would just be more convenient if that number were higher, for some of the more intensive research projects.
  • The cost: Altogether, LongTail Pro is not overly expensive. However, for smaller businesses or entrepreneurs just starting out, it could be considered somewhat pricey, depending on your research needs. Though, they offer tiered plans and most any project you have can easily be handled by their cheapest option.

What You Pay

To suit the needs of the many different individuals and businesses using LongTail Pro, there are tiered prices that empower the user to choose the best-suited for each individual or customer’s needs.

Each package begins with a seven-day free trial for potential users to become more familiar with the platform and its benefits.

The Annual Start Package – $37/Month

  • 800 Keyword Lookups per 24 hours
  • 800 KC calculations per 24 hours
  • 800 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 30 Tracked Keywords
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains
  • Daily Rank Updates
  • 1 Simultaneous Login

The Annual Pro Package – $67/Month

  • 2500 Keyword Lookups per 24 hours
  • 2500 KC calculations per 24 hours
  • 250 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 200 Tracked Keywords
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains
  • Daily Rank Updates
  • 2 Simultaneous Logins
  • A complete suite of templates to scale SEO.

The Annual Agency Package – $147/Month

  • 6000 Keyword Lookups per 24 hours
  • 6000 KC calculations per 24 hours
  • 6000 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 1000 Tracked Keywords
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains
  • Daily Rank Updates
  • 2 Simultaneous Logins
  • A complete suite of templates to scale SEO.

* These prices are subject to slight variation. Please click here to get the most up to date pricing info.

Independent Research Using LongTail Pro

The best way that I can explain why LongTail Pro is such a powerful tool is to show you the results of my own keyword research.

For example, when writing this review I used LongTail Pro to specifically search for keywords related to their own service.

Because they give you an “overall difficulty for ranking level,” this is a very easy and effective way to target keywords with low competition against authoritative websites who already have a large following of readers.

I have compiled the results of my keyword research and am listing them here so you can see first hand just how this works.

Using a root keyword, LongTail Pro then suggests many long tail keywords related to your “seed” keyword. In the case of my results in the table below, my seed keyword was simply “LongTail Pro.”

Initial Root Keyword Search:

Longtail Pro Review Site Image
Data Table Below Derived From Search Results

The results are as follows:

Suggested Keyword From
Root “LongTail Pro”
Approximate Search Volume
long tail platinum coupon10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro platinum discount10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro lifetime10 Monthly Searches
long tail platinum discount10 Monthly Searches
naver keyword planner10 Monthly Searches
longtail pro free trial10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro trial10 Monthly Searches
longtail pro coupon code10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro affiliate10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro free10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro nulled10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro blackhat10 Monthly Searches
keyword research services price10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro crack10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro discount code10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro tutorial10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro code10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro vs10 Monthly Searches
long tail pro platinum nulled10 Monthly Searches
longtailpro login40 Monthly Searches
long tail pro discount30 Monthly Searches
long tail pro free trial20 Monthly Searches
keyword researcher pro70 Monthly Searches
long tail pro vs semrush20 Monthly Searches
platinum keywords40 Monthly Searches
long tail pro coupon30 Monthly Searches
longtail pro1,300 Monthly Searches
long tail pro login30 Monthly Searches
long tail pro review390 Monthly Searches
long tail pro1,300 Monthly Searches
longtail pro login30 Monthly Searches
semrush vs moz480 Monthly Searches
keyword research services320 Monthly Searches
keywordspy1,000 Monthly Searches
long tail pro free trial20 Monthly Searches
keyword tool dominator390 Monthly Searches
ahrefs vs semrush880 Monthly Searches
keyword research service260 Monthly Searches
local keyword research170 Monthly Searches
adwords generator170 Monthly Searches
buyer keywords170 Monthly Searches
long tail keyword generator320 Monthly Searches
find competitors keywords260 Monthly Searches
google analytics keywords480 Monthly Searches
seo keyword research service70 Monthly Searches
Data Derived From My Independent Research

My hope is that from the data above you are able to get a real feel for the power behind this keyword research tool.

Not only does LongTail Pro allow you to access an essentially unending amount of related keywords based on your search, they also give a rating to each suggested keyword that they offer.

This rating uses the URL of your website and reflects how difficult it will be for your site to rank the suggested keyword with Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The Bottom Line

Longtail Pro Review Site Image
Grow Your Online Presence With LongTail Pro!

Overall, LongTail Pro is an extremely robust and effective Keyword Research platform.

It has a very user-friendly interface, and while there are a few changes that could be made to improve this tool, it performs extremely well.

It’s capabilities, tracking, and analytics make it a reliable one-stop-shop for website designers, marketers, and businesses of many different kinds.

I personally use LongTail Pro for every single one of my online projects, and I honestly cannot recommend them enough.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Longtail Pro Review Sign Up Page

The best of luck to you, my friend!

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9 thoughts on “LongTail Pro Review

  1. Avatar Of Jack

    Heard good things about Longtail pro but I don’t have the budget for it yet. Is there any other keyword tool that is good and cheaper (nothing over $15) that you could recommend?

  2. Avatar Of Daniel

    @Alan, or at least offer 2 simultaneous logins so 2 people can work at the same time. That would make it more worthwhile. Right now, the price is too big for someone on a budget. I like their features like keyword tracking and ratings, but their prices are a bit too big.

  3. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi there Alan, thanks for your comment!
    When discussing LongTail Pro in my review, I was also considering these points that you have made because I had felt the same way.
    I remember when I first started using LongTail Pro a few years back and also feeling like it was kind of pricey.
    I thought that at the time, only because I did not yet realize the value of the service they offer.
    These days, I can feel quite confident that a majority of the projects that any beginning site creator may have could be accomplished quickly within their 7 day trial, as it only takes minutes to do effective keyword research. Their cheapest monthly plan, as you said is $37 a month, but its that 7 day free trial that makes all the difference. Anyone can strategically enroll for their Monthly Starter plan, and do a days worth of keyword research if they just do a little pre-planning before signing up. Then they simply cancel the plan before they are charged. This was my method when I was starting out and I got such a good feel for the product during that time, that I ended up paying for the service after a while and I have never looked back. It is well worth the money, but also, super helpful even if you don’t have the money yet to pay for the full time service.
    I hope this helps anyone who may have been on the fence about giving them a try!

  4. Avatar Of Alan

    Longtail Pro is a great tool to use if you have the money for it. It can be hard for a beginner to pay $37 monthly if you pay for a year. They should have a smaller plan, maybe something for 200 daily keyword lookups that would cost $12 so more people can afford it. Regular people or small businesses need to work with small budgets and a plan like this would help them get going.

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