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Fiverr Review


Fiverr Review [2021]
Is It Really The Best Freelance Service Available?


For most everyone who is just starting out with a project online, whether that is creating a business, making a website for a school project, writing blog articles or just about anything else you can think of, we don’t always have the time or the expertise to accomplish our goals the way we would like to on our own.

Luckily for us, we now have; a place where anyone can go to get professional help for a very affordable price.

It’s time to stop overpaying for professional services. With the growth of freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, you can get the same quality products at unbeatable prices. Since its inception in 2010, Fiverr has become the web’s top platform for affordable freelance services.


With Fiverr you could get:

  • Promotional materials for your small business.
  • Quality copy for your website.
  • Amazing Audio for your YouTube video.
  • A professional translation of an important document.
  • And much more

Each for just five dollars! In this guide, I am going to show you how you can use Fiverr to get the most out of your budget for both personal and professional use. Keep reading to see how this platform works and just what you can get at cut-rate prices.

What Can You Buy On Fiverr?

Just what can you expect to buy on this popular freelancing platform? You may be surprised at the breadth of services offered on Fiverr:

Graphics & Design

Fiverr Review Site Image

Need a PhotoShopped graphic for your website or publication? How about a logo for your startup? Get it all for cheap on Fiverr. Rates for these professional services start at just $5 an order—try getting that anywhere else! Design a range of T-shirts, get art for your game, design your book cover, or get a user-friendly website setup at rates that help you stay underbudget.


Fiverr further offers illustrations, landscape and architecture design, and character modeling for your series—and that’s just the start. Make sure to visit the website yourself to find out about more incredible graphics and design options offered on the platform!

Digital Marketing

Fiverr Review Site Image

Take your business to the next level with professional digital marketing on Fiverr.


The platform is replete with SEO experts who can help put your business on the map. Increase your digital presence with services such as these:

  • Local SEO
  • Public Relations
  • Web Traffic
  • Crowdfunding
  • And Much Much More!

Like other services on the platform, these digital marketing services start at just $5. This means you could establish effective video marketing, affiliate marketing, or email marketing campaigns for your business well below the industry going rate.


Boost your national and local SEO and generate leads to your website stress free and under budget with effective digital marketing services offered only on Fiverr.

Writing & Translation

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Help your business take the next step by ordering quality writing and translation services on Fiverr. Whether you’re a blogger looking for a ghostwriter or a small-to-medium-sized business in need of a professional copywriter, you can take advantage of the low rates Fiverr provides for a variety of writing services.

Get your YouTube script written, your website copy polished, or get those proven-effective promotional ads and emails written so you can send them to your clients.

With Fiverr, you’ll also be able to take advantage of translation services for just about any language you can imagine! Get your favorite song translated or submit an urgent business file for interpretation.

Video & Animation

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Raise your bottom dollar with the perfect video ad. Video and animation services on Fiverr could be just what you need to take the next step with your project or marketing plans. Other incredible services are also at your fingertips:

  • Trailers
  • Spokesperson Videos
  • Intros And Outros
  • And Again… Much More!

Visit the official Fiverr website to see a full list of the affordable video and animation services offered by the platform!


Music & Audio

Fiverr Review Site Image

Looking for great audio content to accompany your YouTube video or podcast? Make Fiverr your go to place! At low rates, you can have freelance musicians produce high-quality music to satisfy your audio demands. From mixing and mastering to dialogue editing, Fiverr’s got you covered—no matter your audio production needs.

Make your business unforgettable with a catchy jingle made by the experts on Fiverr. Other services such as DJ mixing and beat making will give you the perfect tracks you need for your personal or professional endeavors.

Programming And Tech

Fiverr Review Site Image

Want to boost your business with the perfect mobile app? Need someone to set up a consumer-friendly website? Fiverr’s programming and tech professionals will take care of all your tech needs! The platform offers you an affordable way to purchase web programming, e-commerce development, and cybersecurity services.

Don’t pay a fortune to fine tune your business’s IT services. Instead, turn to Fiverr to get it done the right way for much cheaper.


Fiverr Review Site Image

Fiverr makes it more affordable than ever to finance your business and HR consulting, branding, and project management needs. Game concept design and legal consulting are also offered on Fiverr, making it one comprehensive place for all your business priorities.


Increase your profits and minimize your expenses with affordable business services that will move your business forward.


Fiverr Review Site Image

Become the next Julia Childs with cooking lessons from Fiverr. Whether you’re looking to get in shape or learn how to make your favorite crafts, you can do it all on this freelance platform. Instead of paying an arm and a leg on other websites, visit Fiverr now and get quality lifestyle instructions for rates you simply cannot get anywhere else!

How To Order On Fiverr

To take advantage of the high-quality services offered on the site, you’ll first need to make an account. After linking your PayPal or payment method to your account, you simply need to find your desired gig, purchase it, and wait for your delivery. It’s that easy!

The Bottom Line

With Fiverr, you have a world of professional services at your fingertips. No matter your personal or professional needs, you can have them accomplished on Fiverr at rates you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Give your budget a break by going with the world’s top freelancing website!

Ready to try out Fiverr for yourself? Simply visit the website, set up your account, and place your order. You will be surprised at how far your budget will go!

I use Fiverr for practically every online project that I do and honestly, I cannot recommend them enough.

Now It’s Your Turn!


The best of luck to you, my friend!

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Data Derived From My Independent Research

If you are interested in learning about how I compiled the data for this table, click on over to my review of the very best keyword research tool on the web, LongTail Pro for an in depth explanation.

You will not be disappointed!

5 thoughts on “Fiverr Review

  1. Avatar Of Christine

    Fiverr is a great place to outsource and it’s also a good spot to sell some of your products or services. It has an already established name and gets a lot of daily traffic so you’ll get a lot of eyeballs fast. I am selling a product there and it’s starting to take off.

  2. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi Riana,
    I have been using Fiverr for many years now and I can say that honestly I have had really good experiences and some that weren’t so good. My overall recommendation to anyone who is looking for help with a project is to vet the freelancer by having a good look at their feedback and reviews and getting a feel for where their strengths and weaknesses are before deciding to pay them for their services. Another cool thing about Fiverr is that you can filter out newer freelancers and choose to only see the gigs offered by professionals or people with more experience. Often these are a touch more expensive, but if you are in need of very high quality work, this is an option to ensure you are not putting your project in the hands of someone who may not be up to the task.

  3. Avatar Of Riana B.

    I have placed over 20 orders on Fiverr until now and I am generally very happy with what I received. It all depends on the seller. If he/she has a good or great reputation, chances are I’ll get something nice. I already found 2 people that are amazing at what they do and I am going to stick with them for all my projects.

  4. Avatar Of Daniel

    Fiverr is a great place to find awesome talent in all sorts of areas. You can pretty much find anything there. And while not all the sellers are great, you can find some real gems if you do a bit of research. There are people here that offer important services for a fraction of the price.

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