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Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review [2021] Is It Really The Best Web Hosting Company?


In order to run a successful website you must have two important things to start with. Those are web hosting and a domain name. As you browse around the internet looking for different hosting platforms, you will come to see that the majority have high prices and they are not the most user friendly.

In an effort to help people find the best web hosting option, I have written this personal review of Bluehost. This hosting service is creating a lot of hype in the world of Web hosting. I myself have used Bluehost for years for many of my online projects.

Bluehost is one of the most trusted hosting providers in the world and is currently working with over 2 million websites around the globe. In this review, we will scrutinize the services of this web hosting provider along with the pricing plans offered by the vendors.

Do you have an idea for a Domain name that you want to use for your next online project? Use Bluehost’s free tool to check if it’s available here:

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the largest and most affordable web hosting companies in the world and they offer incredible web hosting services at a very low price. They offer advanced hosting services including shared, dedicated and VPS hosting.

In addition to this, they are the officially recommended web hosting provider of They very affordable when compared to other web hosting providers and there services are quite easy to setup.

This web hosting provider offers the best uptime of 99.99% with the fastest loading speeds of 405ms. It also comes with default security settings that protect from many kinds of malware attacks.

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Bluehost Corporate History

Bluehost is a web hosting company that was founded back in 2003. Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth were the developers of this company. In 2010 it got acquired by Endurance International group.

Almost 60+ hosting companies are already acquired by EIG. But Bluehost stands out the most because of it’s affordable services as compared to other hosting websites.

Specs And Features Of Bluehost

Let’s discuss the advanced features of their service. These features make Bluehost’s performance highly efficient and help it to stand out among the other web hosting service providers.

  • Server Response Time

The server response time is 491ms which is quite fast. The servers are located mainly in the US and give a very acceptable performance in other regions as well. This response time is very fast compared to other web hosts.

  • Fast Loading Speed

As we all know, slower loading speeds of a website lead to decreased traffic and disgruntled users so it’s of paramount importance to find a web hosting service that offers fast loading speeds. Bluehost has an average page loading speed of 405ms without using any external cache.

  • Finest Uptime

Bluehost offers an average uptime guarantee of 99.99% that is a benchmark. This is one of the best features of Bluehost because it enables you to reduce fleet risks and optimizes the efficiency of the web host.

  • Easy To Operate

Bluehost provides a very easy and beginner-friendly setup for its users. Unlike other web hosts, you just have to do a single click in order to customize it. You can simply start it and set it up with WordPress in a matter of seconds.

  • Free Site Builder

There is also a free website builder that comes with the package. So you don’t have to hire a website developer and can do all the tasks just by clicking and dragging the templates around. There is also free SSL certificate included for each pricing plan.

  • Free Domain

You can get a free domain for a whole year. You can easily manage the domain with simple interface once you have found a suitable name and web address. There is also an auto renewal system that protects it from expiration.

  • Security Setup

Though Bluehost is one of the cheaper options in the market it still offers phenomenal services. It offers an extremely high level of protection with default security settings. Domain privacy prevents hackers from finding sensitive information.

  • Affordable Pricing

In addition to these remarkable features Bluehost comes with a very cheap monthly package. This is one of it’s best attributes that makes it the better choice of web hosts. It is also affordable for beginners who are just starting out their websites and may not have a ton of money to throw at their new projects.

Bluehost And WordPress

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WordPress is the most common and broadly used website platform in the world and even they have officially recommended Bluehost as their hosting partner.

There are special packages for WordPress users as well. You can install WordPress with just a single click, as mentioned above. You can also get 24/7 customer support from WordPress experts that will guide you through the whole process.

Who Should Be Using Bluehost?

Bluehost should be used by anyone looking to create an online presence. It is especially beneficial for users who are beginners and want to find authentic website hosting providers, as it is quite simple to operate. Though you can also go with advance options if you are a professional web designer.

They provide unlimited bandwidth with a storage of up to 50 GB. There are security options that will protect your website from hackers as well. It is also budget-friendly so you don’t have to worry about shelling out a bunch of money for flashy features that you will never use.

Bluehost Pricing Plans/ Bluehost plan comparison

As mentioned several times above, Bluehost is really quite cheap and you can use it’s basic package starting from the ridiculously low price of $2.95 per month to get your feet wet. You can go with either monthly or yearly billing. The “Choice Plus” plan is the recommended package due to its automated backup plan. It also comes with a 30 days refund policy all customers.

Bluehost Pricing Plans
*Pricing May Vary Slightly From Day To Day.
Get up to date pricing.

PROS & CONS Of Bluehost


  • It is highly affordable.
  • Easy to operate for beginners.
  • It offers the best uptime of 99.99%
  • The page loading speed is quite high with unmetered bandwidth.
  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • World-wide notoriety.


  • Website migrations are not free of cost.
  • Limited number of plans to choose from.


In addition to everything mentioned above, let’s go over some various points for which many users frequently ask about.

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  • Bluehost Email Gmail:
    Bluehost offers easy integration with the most popular e-mail services.
  • Bluehost SSH:
    It is very easy to enable a Secure Shell via cPannel using Bluehost.
  • Bluehost Sitelock:
    Prevent malware and other attacks from malicious sources from accessing your website content with this feature.
  • Bluehost Marketing Offers:
    Purchasing a shared hosting account through Bluehost, you get the ability to use many tools, and marketing credits also. Their site does an excellent job of explaining this in more detail should you be interested in learning more.
  • Bluehost Blue Sky:
    Blue Sky is a revolutionary feature presented through Bluehost to assist clients in navigating the complicated configurations and capabilities of WordPress.
  • Transfer Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy:
    Bluehost makes it very easy to transfer domains from one service to the other.
    They have a multitude of information regarding this on their site for anyone needing to learn more in depth.
  • Web Hosting Free Trial:
    There is a 30 day trial for free. You won’t be charged until it’s up. After 30 days, your account will renew based on whichever plan you have selected.
  • Bluehost Multiple Domains:
    Most plans offer the ability to host multiple domains.
  • Bluehost Gmail:
    Bluehost offers easy integration with Gmail specifically, as mentioned above.
  • Codeguard Basic Bluehost:
    “CodeGuard works behind the scenes, taking daily backups and saving each as a separate version – making it easy to turn back the clock should disaster strike.” quoted per
  • Bluehost Matt Heaton:
    Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah.
  • Bluehost Godaddy: Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Bluehost
    In a similar manner as mentioned before, transferring a domain from Godaddy to Bluehost is a very simple process and has many tutorials on how to accomplish this.
  • Bluehost Wix:
    In general there are different features among web hosting services that site builders are looking for. It is generally understood that Wix has a great website builder to assist beginners. However, when it comes to hosting features, Bluehost wins hands down.
  • Bluehost Website Builder:
    Bluehost does offer its own online website creation tool. It has a very simple to use drag’n drop interface. It also comes with several hundred themes, as well as images and web-design tools.
  • Bluehost Python:
    Yes, this programming language is supported.
  • Bluehost Squarespace:
    It is easy to connect your Bluehost domain to Squarespace should you need to do so.
  • Anonymous Web Hosting:
    Domain privacy is an add on feature that is offered to website owners who do not want their identifiable information to be made public.
  • Free Unlimited Web Hosting:
    You will not be able to find unlimited free web hosting from any service on par with Bluehost. But the upside is that their plans are so darn cheap, they may just as well be free!
  • Bluehost Site Builder:
    As mentioned before, the site builder offered by Bluehost is quite robust and easy to use. Even a novice or beginner will be able to create beautiful websites with little to no experience.
  • Bluehost Domain Renewal Price:
    Renewal prices will vary depending on the plan you purchase.
    These prices change slightly over time. Click here to see the up to date pricing plans.
  • Bluehost Office 365:
    Bluehost provides many exceptional services for their clients. Recently they have added Microsoft 365 to their list of products offered.
  • Web Hosting Near Me:
    Bluehost offers web hosting worldwide. Your physical location will never be an issue when taking them into consideration.
  • Bluehost PHP:
    Bluehost offers guidance on how to change your PHP version selection via cPanel.
  • Bluehost G Suite:
    GSuite (also known as Google Apps) is a large set of web apps created by Google for all types of businesses, including Bluehost.
  • Bluehost Codeguard:
    As mentioned previously, Codeguard protects you from losing your data by backing up your content each day.
  • Upgrading Bluehost Plan:
    It is a seamless process to update your pricing plan with Bluehost. You simply choose what you want to pay and enjoy the benefits. Each plan offers different features and it is important for you to decide on what works best for you.
  • Bluehost Weebly:
    You can access the Weebly Site Builder using the cPanel in your Bluehost account. Simply select the domain you are going to utilize and you are ready to go.
  • Bluehost Sales:
    With various pricing plans and discount coupons available, Bluehost offers many different sales tactics to attain clients. And not without good reason. They are, after all, the #1 web hosting platform out there!
  • Bluehost Filezilla:
    It is very easy to utilize Filezilla with Bluehost to set up your FTP. Everything you will need can be accessed via the filezilla Site Manager. Bluehost offers various tutorials on how to accomplish this as well.
  • Bluehost Choice Plus:
    ‘Choice Plus’ is the recommended plan for website builders. However, it is the slightly more pricey option. For any beginner, the Basic Plan will do just fine, as it is doubtful that you will be utilizing all the additional features of the more expensive options.
  • Bluehost Fastdomain:
    A sister site of Bluehost with essentially similar basic functionality. Though, overall much more inferior usability when the above points are taken into consideration.
  • Bluehost Google Domain:
    Bluehost offers in depth explanations for how to update your nameservers to host your website even if your domain is currently with another registrar.
  • Offshore Web Hosting:
    Unfortunately, you will need to search elsewhere for this option depending on your location. You may be able to reach out to the Bluehost Support Team for additional info if this is an important feature for your personal needs.
  • Web Hosting Basics:
    Bluehost is a robust web hosting platform that is fit for both beginners and professional website developers alike. They harbor any and all basic hosting resources that one could possibly expect or need from such a service.
  • Web Hosting 101:
    With their simple interface and easy to understand instructions and tutorials, Bluehost really is the most highly recommended hosting platform around regardless of your education level.
  • Web Hosting Market Share:
    Bluehost remains among the top contenders in league with the very best web hosting platforms around the globe, year over year.
  • Free Web Hosting Reddit:
    Among the many forums out there, there is none quite so far reaching as Reddit. Though there are many subreddits claiming that Bluehost offers free web hosting, the actuality is that it is simply a free trial. This could be an important consideration depending on your hosting needs.
  • Cheap SSD Web Hosting:
    SSD is used by Bluehost on their hosting servers. They include free drives even on their cheapest plan.
  • Bluehost Monthly Plan:
    Bluehost offers monthly payment plans on a tiered basis. There are various features and services that are available for slightly higher prices.
  • Bluesky Bluehost:
    It is worth mentioning again that this feature truly can assist users with any and all questions and hardships they may face with the platform. They offer a level of troubleshooting assistance that is often undervalued by new site creators who do not realize just how beneficial this can be in the long run.
  • $1 Web Hosting:
    There do exist web hosting services out there for starting prices of around 1 dollar as a sort of gimmick to get clients to sign on. Currently Bluehost is not offering this. However, their monthly prices for their Basic Plan has a starting price of just around 3 bucks. Let’s be honest, the difference between 1 and 3 dollars is negligible and for the immense usability, technical support and brilliant features they have to offer, any rational person would gladly pay that additional two dollars.
  • Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting:
    Essentially, we have 2 primary types of web hosting available: web based hosting, and cloud based hosting. Depending on the desires of the website creator, one can be much more beneficial over the other.
  • Web Hosting Guide For Beginners.
    Bluehost does a wonderful job of preparing the beginning website creator for their newfound tasks of content creation and website design. They have many tutorials and a good deal of instructional content to assist with the most frequently asked questions. Also they have live support should you find yourself in need of a personal helping hand.
  • Free Reseller Hosting:
    The Reseller Club feature lets you create many programs with an infinite number of cPanel accounts. They offer twenty four hours support as well.

Bluehost Renewal Price:

Shared Hosting

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

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Dedicated Server Hosting

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In Conclusion

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We have come to the end of the Review. Nicely done!
Now if we summarize, we can see that Bluehost is clearly the best potential web host available.

They offer a wide range of advanced features that are difficult to find in other expensive web hosting providers. They also offer high security and protect sensitive information from fraudulent activity.

They are also recommended by WordPress itself. Overall I can say that Bluehost’s performance is far better than any of the other expensive web hosting companies.

Now It’s Your Turn!

The best of luck to you, my friend!

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5 thoughts on “Bluehost Review

  1. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hey Bradley,

    I have also been using Bluehost for a long time and I have never had any issues with them in my time. The pricing is wonderful and they are an all around great service. I am glad that you have had a good experience as well.


  2. Avatar Of Bradley

    Been with Bluehost for the better part of last year and never had any issues with them. Uptime was 100% from what I can tell, the free SSL certificate was nice, got a free domain plus I paid just $5.95 a month for the PLUS. I’m thinking of going for the Choice Plus now for the added security and privacy. The difference in pricing is not that huge so I may take the plunge soon.

  3. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment.

    I tend to agree with you in that respect. Bluehost is a stellar web hosting service but it is not without its own shortcomings. Each person has different needs when choosing a hosting platform and the migration among the various hosting services out there is always a bit of an iffy topic. I have always felt that Bluehost handles this migration well, and their support staff is always standing by to assist with the process. Despite any drawbacks, Bluehost is without a doubt the all around best web hosting service available.

  4. Avatar Of Stephen

    I looked up for Bluehost free migration and it seems they do offer it but you have to met certain criteria. They will look at your WP version, website size, database size and so on. While I understand where they are coming from it also makes some users, especially beginners want to look somewhere else. If you’re new and just want to move your whole operation to Bluehost you want to get help not have to wait around to see if this migration costs money or not. If this particular service would be free and more straightforward, I think more people would want to join.

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