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AWeber Review

AWeber Review [2021]
Is it really An Effective E-mail Solution?


Email marketing is one of the fastest and most advantageous methods available to promote your products, services or special offers.

If you are new in the affiliate marketing world or are starting any business and need to manage your contacts better then it is highly likely that you’ve heard about email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is considered to be the cheapest method to connect with global customers to seal the deal on any service you may be offering.

It is a smart, and easy strategy to create a strong connection between your business and your clients that also drives effective sales.

But sending emails individually can be exhausting with quite a lot of time wastage as well. Fortunately for us, we have email marketing software that can turn this process into an automated one with minimal effort!

AWeber is an email marketing software that can turn the task of manually sending emails into an automated system by offering 700+ customizable email template options.

They offer a simple email marketing campaign strategy that can help you to grow your small business quickly and powerfully.

My goal with this review is to show you why they are considered to be one of the most effective email marketing services out there.

With the autoresponder tools that offer automated assistance, AWeber really is a must have for anyone who is seriously considering any type of outreach to their clients.

In this article we are going to give you deep insight into its features, services and pricing plans.

We will also enlist the pros and cons along with our final conclusion so you’ll be able to make a sound decision before deciding whether it’s worth considering or not.

What is AWeber Email Marketing?


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AWeber is a wide reaching email marketing service that lets you create and send email templates and newsletters automatically.

It allows you the ability to create mailing lists so their autoresponder can then send your designed emails and newsletters to your subscribers automatically.

In addition to this, it helps you to analyze the statistics and views of your email marketing campaigns. You get a wide-range of customizable templates that can easily be sent without further alterations.

It helps you with brand awareness whenever a new product, offer or a deal is introduced.

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Click Here To See What AWeber Can Do For you!

AWeber can help you to make money online by providing eye-catching email designs and attention grabbing landing pages.

You can create e-mails using their drag and drop service within just a few minutes.

These features will completely automate your email marketing campaign, and that can help immensely with sales generation.

You can also get complete data about your contact lists. And, after your contact’s confirmation, your emails will hit their inbox directly and automatically.

How To Build A Landing Page

AWeber Corporate History

In this section we will discuss the team working behind this advanced software. AWeber was founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998 and they have experience of over 20 years in the market.

This company is based in Pennsylvania and is quite popular for its remarkable performance. It has a number of email marketing tools and several autoresponder options that make the email sending process automated, resulting in time-saving efficiency.

AWeber helps you to make money online by establishing a strong connection between clients and your business. So you can easily provide brand awareness to your subscribers in the event that a new product, offer or deal is launched.

They provide 24/7 dedicated customer support for their clients in case of any inquiry or concern. This is the reason that they have over 1 million satisfied customers around the globe.

Specs and Features of AWeber

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So Much More Than Just An E-mail List.

AWeber has an array of advanced features that makes it stand out amongst its competitors. These services and features help to make the process completely automated.

Below we are going to define these features one-by-one so you can get detailed information about their services.

⦁ Customized Templates
AWeber, being one of the most popular email marketing software, comes with high quality customized templates. There are over 700 different templates available for emails and newsletters. All the designs are completely updated with attention grabbing context. There are only about 220 templates for Getresponse about 80 for Mailchimp and 50 for Campaign monitor. Given this, you can see that you are able to easily find one that is suitable for your email or newsletter needs from their enormous selection.

⦁ Creative Email designs
Another important feature that is needed for email marketing is responsive email designs. If you want to make money online via affiliate marketing or through any other business venture, then you must have eye catching email designs. AWeber offers this for you. The email templates are of versatile designs. In fact, these templates can resize themselves according to the device that is used to open them. They can change their preview into a mobile or PC version so you can easily review your templates the way they are written to be read.

⦁ Drag and Drop Email builder
As we have mentioned above, this email marketing software is highly automated with already designed templates. So you can easily customize the templates with their simple drag and drop editor. You can paste these emails for your clients the way you want them to be. After that you can simply deliver them to your subscribers with a single click.

⦁ Autoresponder tools
Autoresponder tools are one of the major parts of an email marketing campaign. It means when a client subscribes to your service they will be able to get a welcome message via the autoresponder. Later on that person will be able to receive your discount email, for example, and after 3 weeks or more another message to follow your social media could go out, and etc. It helps you to save quite a lot of time and you can easily make money with this automatic process. AWeber created their autoresponder in 1998 and they are continuously updating its services. That is the reason we can ensure you that their autoresponder is one of the best among its competitors.

⦁ Automatic Email Marketing
AWeber has been in the spotlight for quite a long time due to its marketing automation features. With market automation you can create charts that consist of emails that have been sent and the user’s response is based on those emails. In this way it provides complete functionality and that means it will further determine what kind of email must be sent back to the responsive user. This helps with better flexibility resulting in more purchases made by your subscribers.

⦁ Split Testing
Split testing (also called A/B testing) helps with sending out specific template emails to your selected contact list. After monitoring the response of those templates you can send the most responsive version to the other subscribers in your list. Though this service is available in other email marketing software as well, AWeber’s results are compared using various marketing tools in order to find the most responsive version.

⦁ AWeber Mobile App
As we know, most people who want to make money online via affiliate marketing or otherwise have other jobs to do as well. You simply can’t sit in front of your computer all the time. Fortunately AWeber’s mobile app helps you to send the emails for your marketing campaign from your mobile phone or tablet. This app helps you to customize your templates in the simplest ways and will deliver them to your mailing lists within a few minutes. The preview you see will be same for you as the reader who is opening it on a computer or mobile phone. AWeber has the feature to automatically resize the preview depending upon the device you are using to open it.

⦁ Reporting and Data Segmenting
AWeber offers high quality data segmentation and reporting. You can easily check the subscriber’s response after sending an email. It will report to you about email opening, bounce and subscribers response. You can see whether the subscriber has found your email attention grabbing or not. The more visually stunning templates will usually garner more responsiveness from your readers. You can also do the segmentation of the emails you have sent. This whole process is found on the main page where there is a complete flow chart about what type of email has gotten more responses from your clients.

⦁ Trackable Analytics
As you can see, the managed dashboard offers complete data and graphing for the analytical results of the emails that you have sent. In any business it is one of the most important factors to keep an eye on the analytics of the connection between your main list and your business emails. Aweber offers completely trackable analytics showing which email is opened by the subscriber at which place. You can also get the information about the email that has been bounced or is left unopened.

⦁ Dedicated customer support
When you sign up for their services you get a free trail service in order to experience your own results first. AWeber offers 24/7 customer solutions in case of any questions or issues. You can contact them via their email address or you can call directly to the Pennsylvania headquarters and you will get a complete positive customer solution from their experts. You can also ask general questions about their email or affiliate services that can boost up your sales. Their live team consist of a panel of specialist that will guide you through the whole process.

A Word To The Wise

For many beginners to the entrepreneurial world of making money online, e-mail marketing may seem like an outdated way to build client relationships and maintain a steady flow of customers to your products.

But the truth is that to this day, it remains the #1 way of making consistent sales online. More so than Instagram, Facebook or anything else out there.

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Go Far Beyond Simple Email Tracking

Watch Aweber’s Training Videos

Setting Up A Campaign

Designing Your First Email

Sending Your First Email

Setting Up Integrations

WordPress And Landing Pages


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AWeber Packages And Pricing Plans

AWeber offers two different versions for signing-up for their email marketing campaigns. The free version is limited for 30 days and the features are also limited to the basics.

A major plus is that it doesn’t require any credit card for signing-up at first. You can simply start your email marketing campaign with it.

Whereas in the case of the pro version, that is also called the paid version, it actually needs you to pay $16.15 for 0-500 subscribers. But you can also get a number of other advanced features with it.

In the case that you have more subscribers than that you can contact their team by the number available on their official website. The Pro version for 500 subscribers is billed annually offering all the available features for the entire year.

Aweber Review Pricing Plan
*Pricing may vary slightly from day to day.
Click here for up to date pricing.



⦁ AWeber is user-friendly software with its automatic email marketing services.
⦁ You can preview the email templates before sending them to clients.
⦁ You can easily customize and edit company newsletters.
⦁ The landing pages are attention grabbing that can attract numerous customers.
⦁ There are also mobile apps so you can work anytime and anywhere.
⦁ Its unique call loop feature helps you to collect the phone numbers of your subscribers that further enables you in making calls and sending SMS to your customers.
⦁ The spam filter helps you send direct emails to your subscribers within few minutes.


⦁ It can be difficult to import a contact list if you previously have one with another provider.
⦁ AWeber restricts the entry of those contacts who have not sent any subscription confirmation due to it’s anti-spam policy.
⦁ The prices are slightly higher as compared to other (less effective) email marketing software available in the market.

In Summary

Aweber Review Site Image
Grow Your Business With
AWeber’s Suite of Marketing Tools

Alas, we have come to the end of this review.

My hope is that I have been able to provide you with an in-depth analysis AWeber’s email marketing services along with the features that make them stand out as the best option among the other email marketing software out there.

You can get over 700 different customized templates for your newsletters. That is a great deal more than other services available in the market.

Also the autoresponder offers a very fast service for your subscribers that helps to boost the sales of your products.

After all is said and done, no one can deny that the features that you are going to get with their customized templates and extremely fast services are well worth the very low price.

Not only that but the tracking reports will help you to analyze the performance of your efforts as well. This is key.

So now it’s time for you to give AWeber a try for yourself.

And remember, because the service is free for first 30 days, you have absolutely nothing to lose and I promise you, you will never go back to manually sending e-mails again!

Now It’s Your Turn!

The best of luck to you, my friend!

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4 thoughts on “AWeber Review

  1. Avatar Of Lily

    Aweber has a lot of features which are not present with other similar tools. Plus some of their features are better than their competitors. I know because I have tested a few of them and paying for Aweber is well worth it. Their support team is wonderful and will assist you and get you out a jam quickly. They act as if they care for you and your business and do their best to help out.

  2. Avatar Of Galilee

    Hi Eric, thanks for your thoughts!
    I remember very well when I first started out with all of this. I watched literally hundreds of YouTube videos all talking about how I have to build a list if I want to be successful online. Nowadays I realize that this was more or less just a sales tactic. But the truth is that having e-mail automation REALLY is an extremely useful tool for any business. Whether that is online or offline. Aweber really is an amazing platform and I hope that this review is able to help anyone who is looking for an e-mail automation program like this.

  3. Avatar Of Eric

    So many people think that email marketing is hard and that you don’t need it to succeed. While it’s not easy and you can succeed without it, doing it will bring any business to a new level. I used to think this was hard but now Aweber does everything for me. Building an email list was one of the best things I did. And I did it soon after starting my business. I would have lost a lot of good contacts if I hadn’t.

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